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2020 IBEX创新奖专访


Power Assist Mechanical Steering converts a boat’s existing rack 或旋转 cable steering system into smooth, 轻松动力转向. This electric steering actuator attaches to the outboard and turns the engine load. Brings affordable, practical power steering to a range of boats with outboards from 90 – 200 HP. 


XPA解决了在舷外船中发现的难以操纵的问题. This system is an easy-to-add power-assist steering system that mates to the current cable steering. The XPA effectively lowers the steering effort on pontoons or any outboard powered boat in the 90-200 HP range.

XPA是贫困船舶操纵家族的一个新成员. 贫困为最复杂的船舶系统提供舵机, 包括那些有多个引擎和车站的. 这些船可以用一个船长友好的操纵杆操纵. 贫困’s complete line of advanced steering solutions will provide power steering to any horsepower range. XPA现在带来这种转向舒适的90-200马力舷外范围, 提供一个负担得起的, 用户友好的系统,以这个成本敏感的市场.


客户反馈. Captains want the low effort and precise response found in modern cars to be available in their boats.


Early in 2020, the coronavirus began to make news although the impact was not well understood. 3月来了,在美国东北部迅速蔓延. 贫困的利默里克店就在宾夕法尼亚州费城城外. 邻国受到的打击非常严重. 纽约和新泽西成为病毒传播的中心. Because of our close proximity, the virus spread rapidly to the county where our factory is located. We began to institute precautions in our facility to protect our employees’ health. 这包括社交距离, 强制性的面具项目, 增加卫生协议, 限制会议小组的规模. 尽管yaboAPP手机版登录网页的努力, on March 15th we received news from the Governor of PA that all non-essential businesses must close their doors. 利默里克餐厅被迫关闭.

Immediately plans were made to allow work-from-home for employees whose work allowed this new reality. We allowed the staff to remove the office computers, monitors and other equipment. While implementing new work-from-home procedures, our reliance on Microsoft Teams and other I.T. 项目成为必不可少的. The development of the XPA continued as our engineers worked from their garages, 地下室, 和家庭办公室.

We slowly returned to the office in May and we began testing with our first production intent prototypes. We had very successful testing in our laboratory which gave us confidence to test on our company boats. 该系统的性能正如yaboAPP手机版登录网页所希望的那样好, yaboAPP手机版登录网页有信心它能提供yaboAPP手机版登录网页需要的方向盘. 整个夏天,测试都在实验室和水上进行.

We created an aggressive plan to meet a launch date of IBEX 2020 in October. We met our goal of having a finished product ready and available for the IBEX Innovation Award program deadline. Winning the Innovation Award was the culmination of much hard work and effort and was a phenomenal reward for the team.

随着大流行的持续,为员工安全制定了新的协议. 戴口罩和保持社交距离是必需的. Temperature scanning for all employees and visitors prior to entering the plant is also required. All work stations, restrooms, offices and common areas are regularly cleaned. 现在也定期进行静电清洗.


贫困 follows a structured product development process that involves all of our departments. yaboAPP手机版登录网页依靠yaboAPP手机版登录网页在驾驶方面的历史和经验, 尤其是电动转向系统, 为了加速这个过程. We developed a new patented sensor technology to control an actuator to steer a vessel with inputs from a mechanical steering cable. This new idea produces power steering without adding any unusual load on the mechanical steering cable. 这是一种真正新颖的方法.


该XPA系统将配合任何舷外发动机在90-200马力范围, and will work with all steering systems; standard, 倾斜, 齿条和齿轮, 或旋转. This product will also work perfectly with jack plates found on some outboard boats.


The simple and straightforward installation only requires the available splash well space and the on-board battery to work. The system is self-contained and does not require separate modules or pumps.


Mark Petro-Roy是XPA的发明者. Mark is a mechanical engineer who joined 贫困 in 2017 after graduating from Drexel University. He began working with the 贫困 steering and control products when he joined our team. 在他受雇后不久, he began to investigate new methods to reduce the steering effort required to captain a boat. His hobbies include remote control airplanes and he used this knowledge as the starting point to use a linear actuator to control steering function with a mechanical cable input. He was able to work with our joint teams in Limerick and Vancouver to create the XPA system.


The Limerick manufacturing plant continuously undergoes sustainability updates, 最近的是一个全面更新制造照明. We changed to LED lighting to provide an environmentally friendly source of light and reduce the electric requirements. This new lighting makes the manufacturing floor bright, clear, and safe for our staff. We are currently investigating clean energy alternative suppliers for our energy needs.


This self-contained product does not require external pumps or hydraulic fluid, 该系统由船的电池提供动力. This eliminates the worry of leaks into our environment or adding fluid during service. The vessel battery powers the XPA, so no added device is required to power it.


反响非常热烈, boat builders are excited to bring electric steering to their entire line of boats. 他们现在有全系列的电动舵机产品, 包括XPA, 擎天柱, 和擎天柱360, 这些都是针对所有范围的船只开发的. 造船者准备在他们的新模型中指定这些系统. The aftermarket customers are anxious for the XPA as they can simply add this system to their current cable steering and realize the ease of power steering. Normally, this would not have been possible without a full refit of the entire steering system.

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“一个简单的, self-contained solution for those looking for affordable electric steering in the 90 to 200 horsepower outboard range,布雷迪·凯说.